Chokers Are Back!

We recently finished making a preliminary, limited-edition batch of vinyl chokers with unique slogans printed on them. Below you can see the process of chokers in the making!

We Are Mortals has also been getting some hype in a recent photoshoot for the Haus of Love Boutique in downtown Los Angeles, which featured several local designers including Marina Fini, Zalez Studio, Rio Warner, and Supershop24Hours, in a neon/raver theme. Our vinyl chokers fit in perfectly with the wardrobe! Modeling is Little Tribe Pow, an Australian rapper, wearing the We Are Mortals ‘soy saucy’ choker necklace! Watch her bring the bass, braids, and banging dance moves in her latest video: click here for the YOU TUBE LINK

What’s an Avatar Shawty, you say? An avatar shawty is a girl who can think for herself and always has womanhood and women power in the forefront. It’s not a clique, it’s not a club, it’s a way of thinking and a way to carry yourself. They are huge fans of the Spice Girls revolution in the late 90′s, so think of this as an upcoming women movement. Little Tribe Pow and her Avatar Shawties (Guns n’ Rosies and Egyptian Lover) represent P.L.U.R (peace, love, unity, respect)!

Photos by JWNY

Shop HAUS OF LOVE for some unique items!


necklaces2Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 12.51.48 AMIMG_9447shawties4 shawties1 shawties5


HELLO ELIZA! One of our favorite designers, HelloEliza NYC, hooked up with us L.A. catz for a virtual collaboration. Anji of We Are Mortals coordinated models, mixed the music tracks and organized everyone involved, while her girl Jeannette focused on shooting her best video yet! No crew, no fancy equipment, low budget, yet this girl team really rocked it. Actress/Model Dani Vee and Singer/Model Friday Sydell (aka Brawdway) let loose on the downtown LA streets, getting grungy and gangsta beyond belief! Our girl Macy Marie killed it with wardrobe styling, Bri Brancato werked hair/makeup, and of course Jeannette went all-out with a lowrider bike and a variety of weapons were not so dangerous. Here is a sneak peak of what’s to come for HelloEliza’s new line, to be released next month. Garbage Pail Girl shirts, cute crop tees, and sexy skirts…. plus so much more that didn’t make it into the video! Also featuring the WE ARE MORTALS choker necklaces!


cautionDANIbrightersmall dani3coldsmall

Welcome to the Occult Side

All things mystical, magical, and wicked are represented by UK brand Killstar in their graphic prints. We’re loving the egyptian symbolism and black/white color scheme.  Video by WeAreMortals collaborator and homegirl, Jeannette Jordana.


We’re super excited to share Jeannette’s most recent video, a sneak peek of her über-cool collaboration with Sticks and Stones Agency from Australia and L.A. photographer Christopher Spencer (Evil Eye Cult).  Perfectly cut to the grungy lyrics ‘I am a tomboy’, the video features fire, tits, spit, and the DTLA skyline! Jeannette has been working hard to take all opportunities coming her way now that we’re in Los Angeles and have so many great resources at our disposal! She’s diving full-force into her passion of producing videos, while Anji is focusing on re-branding PopRock and putting a bunch of new designs into production for her clothing line. Check out Jeannette’s behind-the-scenes video of DollsKill model Margo Frances working the camera for Evil Eye Cult on the dirty streets of L.A., styled out by Sticks and Stones Agency in UNIF clothing, Federation Clothing, Jamie Fame, and Urban Outfitters Vintage.  Makeup/Hair by Anissa E. Salazar, music by Acid Baby Jesus. Big thanks to Christopher for inviting us to team up with him! Photos coming soon…

Interview with MYNXII WHITE

A couple weeks ago Jeannette got the opportunity to film and edit an interview with L.A.’s Mynxii White. The project was super last-minute, so we just showed up that night and totally winged it, which was fun. Mynxii brought a bunch of her friends over to BOXeight Studios so that we could capture the vibe over there. BOXeight is an impressive space filled with unique artwork, workspace for all sorts of creative people, and even a swing right in the center of the studio! Jeannette captured models, bloggers, photographers and hoola-hoopers doing their thing and having a blast. Watch the video to find out more about this popular and talented lady, makeup artist Mynxii White.

Backseat Cocktail Lover

Right before moving to LA this fall we got to do an impromptu photoshoot with our favorite babe, Macy Aalto (blog: shop: Just before the sunset on a warm summer evening, in the backseat of her boyfriend’s Camaro cruisin down the San Diego coast, she blasted the Heavy Metal and rocked her We Are Mortals style.  Then she got grungy at the Silver Spigot (a notoriously sketchy dive bar) for cocktails in her favorite pair of our handmade leggings, glammed-up glittery shoes handmade by her, and a Back to the Future sweatshirt.  She looks so California, and so fly… ➪ Leggings for sale: ➪ Photos by Jeannette Jordana ➪ Photo Editing by Anji Becker

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The Ratchet Mob Welcomes Us to Hollywood!

This fall we’ve finally made the decision to move to L.A. and have landed in glamorous, trashy Hollywood. So far we’re loving what L.A. has to offer, discovering hidden gems, and getting used to the craziness that is part of living in this wild city! In less than two months we’ve witnessed a guy get shanked while standing outside a bar, watched a semi-truck plow into a traffic light, and even discovered that our apartment building has a secret rooftop where we saw a shooting star flying over Hollywood while taking in the view the other day.  Although San Diego is dear to our hearts, it was time to take a chance and put ourselves in the middle of the action. Frustration set in after awhile trying to juggle our ‘day-jobs’ and still find time to make trips to L.A. to buy fabric, etc. Production of new designs was pretty much at a stand-still because of that, but now we not only will have all the materials we need at our fingertips so we can finally put our new ideas into production, but we’re also in the right place for networking and collaborating. The highlight so far has definitely been our collaboration with EvilEyeCult.  After only a few weeks of living here, we were contacted by EvilEyeCult’s creative director, Christopher Spencer, to help out on a last-minute photoshoot he was doing for W.I.A. Collections and Anaoana Collections. The crew (or ‘ratchet mob’ as Christopher calls it) showed up at our doorstep a few days after we spoke on the phone and a long night of prowling the Hollywood streets and taking photos ensued. Jeannette was in charge of shooting behind-the-scenes video, and we both assisted the models with makeup and accessories. We walked around our new hood finding interesting backdrops and rocking out one of the hottest clothing brands out there. W.I.A. and Anaoana are Spanish brands from Barcelona, and we love their aesthetic… baggy, unisex cuts with feminine prints for the ultimate badass. Models Yahaira Rosas and Sunamys Villalba both did the brands justice with their bold looks. Check out the behind-the-scenes photos Anji took and the video Jeannette cut to Kid Sister’s new track (originally by Jackal and Loudpvck). The clothing and final photos from the shoot can be found on the Glint Shop website. Looking forward to many more collaborations in the future! photo 1photo 3-2photo 1-2photo 3-1photo 1-1photophoto 1-3photo 4

POPROCK – Anji and Jeannette’s Track of the Month

We’ve taken a little break from posting our Pop and Rock tracks of the month, but are getting back into it now.  Rather than posting two different tracks, we’ve decided to choose a mix we’ve been listening to a lot lately.  Check out Andrew Ward, a Miami house dj we met recently!

PopRock’s Euro Trip 2013 Diary – Part 1

Day 1: London /// Our epic journey began at the lamest airport bar ever, waiting for our delayed flight.  In the San Diego airport, amidst several toddlers and the worst lighting ever, we ended up having drinks with two fellow San Diegans who were also headed to London.  When we finally boarded the plane, we were given free wine that tasted like crap. Jeannette got sick almost immediately, but made it to the bathroom before puking all over herself!  Ten hours later we landed in London and noticed that Skrillex was at the baggage claim.  He wasn’t impressive.  By the time we got on the Tube we were delirious from lack of sleep.  We got off the subway in Picadilly Square, right in the middle of Soho and were surrounded by a busy crowd and a confusing intersection.  Although we had no idea how to get to the apartment that we had rented on Airbnb, we somehow miraculously chose the right direction to walk in and a few blocks up we arrived at our place, tucked away in an adorable little alleyway off the clean and tidy Soho streets.  We were greeted by the stylish and friendly Anders, wearing his swanky shoes, who led us up a tiny staircase to a beautiful studio apartment with high ceilings, a good book collection, and a magnificent window.  Exhausted, we walked down the street and ate noodles for dinner at an over-priced place that looked like a museum, and then went home and fell asleep.

Day 2: London /// Anji stumbled literally seven steps out the door to grab coffee in the morning at a cute coffee shop in front of the apartment.  Right away we realized that renting an apartment from Airbnb was a good move.  Not only is it way more cost effective, but it really makes you feel like a local.  Instead of being amongst all the other tourists at a hotel, we got to come and go from our very own place, so it felt like home.  After a quick breakfast we took the Tube to visit two different neighborhoods: Camden Town and then Shoreditch.  Camden Town highlights: lots of clothing vendors and a mega-store called Cyberdog that transports you back to the futuristic rave days of the early 90s.  Shoreditch highlights:  Brick Lane (a never-ending supply of street art, vintage clothing stores, record shops, fashionistas, trendy males, bars, and cafes), met a female graffiti artists named Ukey who was in the middle of doing a rad piece, and the PopRockThreads sticker bomb frenzy began.  We ate at The Electricity Showrooms (a burger and fish chips), and once again were not impressed with the London cuisine.  Later that evening, back in Soho, we wandered the busy yet peaceful streets filled with bars, clubs, and people.  We chose Freedom Bar, where the cover fee was waived for us, and there was a drag show going on downstairs.  Then we walked over to a club called Dstrkt, where they were charging around $30 for cover!  We were hoping for something amazing at that price, but instead the place smelled like cumin and was filled with fancy elitists.  There was no room at all to dance because of all the tables intended for bottle service for the high rollers….maybe Justin Bieber could’ve been there, but who cares, it was a waste of money.

Day 3: London /// We spent the day taking a long walk all around Soho.  Highlights: shopping on Regent Street, sushi at Yoobi (finally some decent food), walking around Trafalgar square in the rain, and third row seats for Les Miserables.  That night began pretty humbly without much excitement planned.  Since we had to wake up at 5 am the next morning to fly to Spain, we decided we probably wouldn’t go anywhere special, so we didn’t even bother to go back and change out of our casual clothes that had been rained on earlier.  Jeannette was in a t-shirt, Dr. Martens, and green baggy shorts, and Anji in Reeboks, leggings, and vintage floral jacket.  We bar-hopped a little through all the gay bars in Soho and tried making conversation with a few groups of people on the street.  We were feeling a bit disappointed with our London experience because nobody wanted to chat, until a guy stopped us on the street and gave us a hug for no reason.  That was the good luck charm we needed, because on the walk home we stumbled upon a mysterious tiny dark alley with a black light.  There wasn’t a sign to tell us what this place was, but out of curiosity we decided to get in line and give it a try.  The bouncer told us it was going to be tough to get in, and they refused entry to the dapper men in front of us who were wearing nice suits, so we guessed our t-shirt and sneaker outfits weren’t going to cut it.  We were extra lucky that night, though, and were shocked when another bouncer came out of the club, pointed to us, and told us to come in.  No cover!  We walked in and immediately knew this was going to be epic.  This is the ‘underground’ type of place we knew existed, but had know way of finding out about.  As we walked into a the door we realized it was a small old burlesque style theatre, still preserved in its old fashion glory and elegence, with sexy women in lingere posing on the stairway.  We went up the dark stairs into the main theatre to find a small room full of beautiful people.  Wondering how we even got in wearing such casual clothes and putting little effort into our appearance, we felt a bit out of place among the uber-stylish crowd, but took our entrance into the place as an awesome compliment to our funky sense of style and just went with it.  We danced on the platform with a dancer that looked exactly like Naomi Campbell, and later the curtain opened to reveal topless girls thrashing around with lights flashing on stage.  The rest of the show included artsy and provocative things like a Chinese woman getting white paint rubbed all over her naked body and a boy wearing a 10 foot long dildo with a microphone at the tip, which the sexy MC used to announce that it was time for the crowd to turn around and look behind us.  The nude arial dancer spun around above our heads, suspended only by her hair!  Then she took some chopsticks and stabbed her head.  Fake blood splattered all over as she twirled around in the air.  It’s called The Box Soho, and no photos were allowed inside.  That night we got home around 3:00am, so we packed our bags and left for the subway at 5:00am without sleeping….rough, but definitely well worth it!

Day 4: Barcelona /// The trip was long. First a subway ride to the train station, then a train ride out into the countryside of London to the small Luton airport, then a shuttle bus, then a long wait at the airport.  We finally arrived in Barcelona around 3:00pm and took a bus to the El Raval neighborhood.  When we entered the loft-style apartment we had booked through Airbnb we got really excited. On the exterior, the street is dingy but with tons of character.  It’s an old-school neighborhood mixed with all different cultures, young hipsters and elderly folk, with clothes hanging to dry off of every balcony. Once we opened the door, though, the apartment was completely renovated with a modern style kitchen and clean minimal decor. Exposed brick walls high ceilings and two huge wooden french doors leading to the sunny balcony that gave the place a stylish rustic feel.  That first day we went to eat at a place called Rita Rogue, took a walk around and went to sleep early.

Day 5: Barcelona /// We had a tough time trying to find coffee in the morning.  Most cafes were closed…it seems like Barcelonians get a late start to their days.  One good thing about Barcelona is that it’s completely walkable.  No need for subways, taxis, or bus…we walked everywhere.  We explored El Raval, taking photos by the prolific graffiti and looking in vintage stores.  We ate tapas at Otoxo 3 Hermanos, where we met a guy named Tino who suggested we rent some bicycles from his shop.  Then we walked around the more touristy areas, ‘Las Ramblas’ and the Gothic Quarter, putting up stickers.  La Rambla was very different than it has been in the past; less crowded and hardly any street performers, but the historic beauty of the gothic quarter is amazing!  Later we indulged in the very first of caipirinha of the trip, which is a Brazilian drink that has always been both of our favorite drink since before we met.  The bar we tried was called ’3334′ and the clever décor was made up of completely repurposed, up-cycled items.  We got dressed and then hit the streets of el Raval, which were filled with a young crowd hanging out mixed with Filipino families getting off work.  The music video for “AEIOU” by a group called Freeze was being projected on the wall when we walked into the first bar.  Olympic Bar came next and turned out to be our favorite.  The walls were painted turquoise, the caipirinhas were only $3.00 all day everyday, and it had a very hipster vintage vibe.  We noticed a crew of girls with a flambouyant male.  We introduced ourselves and learned that it was a Londoner, a Parisian, and a New Yorker all hanging out for the summer.  We had no idea that it was Gay Pride week in Barcelona, so they took us to a pride festival that was happening at an outdoor plaza on the streets.  We were impressed with everyone’s cool style and haircuts, and by the fact that the crowd was more than 50% female, as opposed to the mainly male-dominated gay events we’re used to.  As we were walking home from the festival we saw a guy tagging up the walls and started chatting. His name was Sam, he was French, and he took us to meet his friends at Apolo, an after-hours club with a huge dance floor.  We danced to some good house music, then left and peed in an alley next to an abandoned couch and baby seat!

Day 6: Barcelona /// Highlights: found a great restaurant called DoceTrece where we got awesome grilled pulpo (octopus) and yummy pan de tomate (Spanish tomatoe bread), took a very long walk all the way to the beach, and rented squeaky bikes from Tino for $5.  We rode all around the gothic quarter and through stunning Ciutadella park, which had a beautiful elaborate fountain with spitting dragons and lots of people picnicking and chilling on the grass.  Later we ate delicious empanadas at a place called “The Original” and went back to a couple bars in El Raval, including one called “Betty Ford”.

Day 7: Barcelona /// Highlights: watched a group of skaters tearing it up, got fresh juices at La Boqueria (huge outdoor food marketplace with vendors selling everything imaginable), and went vintage shopping on Carrer de Tallers and La Riera Baixas streets.  When we got hungry we chose a café we hadn’t been to yet, sat down to order, and looked down to see a giant cockroach on the floor!  We ran out and straight back to DoceTrece.  They were having a fixed menu – an amazing 3 course meal that came with wine, salad, Sepia (a seafood similar to Octopus called “cuttlefish” that we had never heard of), and dessert for only 20 euros!  It was our last Barcelona night, so we played it cool and went back to the 3334 Bar.  We met Liang and his friend Jimmy (his Polish friend gave him this American name), who are architects that were participating in a competition to see who would be chosen to renovate the Real Madrid stadium.

Click below to scroll through our London/Barcelona photos and watch the VIDEO footage from our trip that Jeannette cut up to music!

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